Keter and MEML Integration

Build advanced websites and PWA's

What is MEML?

MEML is a web development language created by Fivnex - the same people behind Keter - to make web and PWA development easy, simple, and cost effective. MEML has built-in PWA support in its compiler. We will eventually build our own solution for PWA's that involve using only MEML and Keter, but for now this is not the case. At this time MEML only translates into HTML/CSS, with built-in Bulma support. The reason to use Bulma over any other framework like Bootstrap is that Bulma is 100% free of JavaScript's evil and disgusting systems. However, for a while, Keter on the web and in PWA's will translate into JavaScript. Often it will also go into PHP, but that will come in later editions of Keter for the web.

Where is MEML Support Now?

JUST A WARNING: MEML and Keter Integration (MAKI) systems are NOT FUNCTIONAL. This means there are no other further documentation to look into. This page exists as a way to describe what we want with our MAKI systems.

Where can I learn more about MEML?

MEML's documentation and website are not complete, neither is the officially supported compiler. HOWEVER! The MEML Website exists with minimal information, and a ReadTheDocs page that hopefully will be up-to-date as Fivnex grows. There is also the official MEML GitHub Repo, as well as an unofficial MEML implementation in TypeScript. More coming soon.