Let's meet the people behind Keter.

What does Fivnex do?

Fivnex is a technology development group founded by Kai Lyons. Doing work globally. Fivnex is founded - and will be incorporated - in Colorado Springs, CO. Fivnex is working on a bunch of subsidiaries, including the Fivnex Foundation which is a foundation that manages and creates other foundations to do work in making people's lives better via technology. At Fivnex, our mission is simply to build technology to sell and use that money to make lives for humanity better. Keter is a product that follows this same concept. You can read the Why We Build Keter page, which more explains the technological side of Keter, but also some information on the - for lack of a better word - morality of the Keter programming language.

Keter is not the only project by Fivnex. Keter is also designed to work with as many Fivnex products as we can. This will - eventually - include mods for video games made by the upcoming Fivnex Media Interactive. Fivnex also works on tools like Wedeke (The official, upcoming, Keter and MEML IDE). The IDE is going to include a lot of cool features for web-development. Wedeke inspires a LOT from two popular code editor tools. Think of Wedeke as a Visual Studio Code and Glitch mixture, but as an IDE for two specific languages. We will give more information about Wedeke in the official Wedeke Website.

Fivnex also works on several other types of projects. This page will only go over the quick overview of them. If you want to learn more about Fivnex, you can head over to the official Fivnex Website. However, we will mention where Keter will be found - either currently or in the planned future. Outside of the previously mentioned Wedeke, other programs that will be fully written - or possibly re-written - with Keter, we have multiple tools. Cherry, which is a desktop environment to desktop-ify our mobile desktop environments Wiphoc and Hazel, which are built primarily for the Potabi operating system. Potabi being a FreeBSD-based mobile-focused but multi-platform operating system that will also develop for FreeBSD - as they have been so kind to us. Other than Potabi and sub-projects, there is also going to be other stuff.

Fivnex plans to build both MacOS and Windows applications, as from a market standpoint it just makes sense. Those apps will be made with Keter. MacOS and iOS apps with the Keter to Swift transpiler. Android apps will also have some stuff done for them. We plan to implement the Android SDK into Keter, but to start us out we plan to simply transpile Keter into Kotlin.