Keter Branding

How to represent Keter in blogs, articles, etc.


Rules for the logo:

The official Keter colors:

Black: #000000
White: #FFFFFF
Toppit Green: #0F7B62
Ginacc Green: #08B28B
Zero-Eh: #0E0E0E

A couple other of brand things to note. We LOVE internet culture references (Heck, the name Keter comes from the SCP Wiki). Many of our sub projects, tools, and even here in branding, we add subtle nods to some of our favorite internet culture references.Here are a couple examples.

Toppit Green is a not-so-subtle nod to InnerSloth Studios for their Henry Stickman games (which we LOVE), and Toppit being a single vowel change from the criminal organization "The Toppat Clan" which first appeared in the game Henry Stickman: Infiltrating the Airship.

Ginacc is just a lucky word-ified version of the acronym of the one line "Green is not a creative color!" from a song within an early episode of Don't Hug Me, I'm, Scared.

Zero-Eh is less of a reference to a show/movie/series and stuff like that. It is actually because of the common usage of the term "eh" in many Coloradans (including Kai Lyons, who lives in Colorado Springs, CO), as well as the common stereotype of Canadian's saying "eh" a lot, though it is probably more of a Coloradan thing.

As Keter (and Fivnex in general) grows, there will be more references. While we do use a Fivnex-standardized versioning scheme (SER8-14-3), Fivnex allows for any form of versioning code names. Obviously, every release will be named after some of our favorite SCP anomalies. Fittingly, the first public releases (*1.xx releases (ex: A1.0, E1.56, etc)) will be under the code name "Sculpture." Even though, yes, SCP-173 (a.k.a. The Sculpture) is Euclid class, it should be the only Euclid class SCP anomalies to actually be used. Other code-names will come from SCP identities that come from this list.

Keep an eye out for references, we love using them wherever it makes sense!